Feminist in Training

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My friends Annina and Karen saw the following "Babe Crossing" sticker on a laptop in the MIT Media Lab where we all work.

Babe crossing.jpg

Predictably enough, they were offended by it and decided to talk to the laptop's owner. When Annina and Karen offered to make him a new sticker to stand in for (or augment) the old one, he accepted. I really like what they came up with.

Babe crossing sticker2.jpg

It says Feminist in Training.They printed the sticker on the Media Lab's vinyl cutter.

Here's the proud owner with his new sticker.

Babe crossing sticker5.jpg

I can think of many less productive courses that this story could have taken and none that were better. The new sticker is a positive statement that references and builds on the problematic one rather simply eliminating or obscuring it and sweeping it away from view. It's a productive form of commentary and critique visible to everyone who sees it.