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This is a page to systematize contacts and useful resources for Mika (or any other Accetariumer) with one leg in London for a while.

London: General[edit]

Places to check out

  • Highgate Cemetry
  • British Library (did)
  • The Shard

How to find flat in London

Contacts in London

Hilary Wainright: Skype hilarypepper

Javier Ruiz Old friend of Mayo. Spanishing living in London for many years. Involve in the invention of Indymedia, now working on Free Culture policy. Married to a Japanish women with a small child. Love bikes. javier(at)spc.org +447877 911 412 004479 52667 907

Anastasia Kavada Professor in Westmister on ICTs and social movements. Greak. Friend for many years of Mayo and very nice. A.Kavada(at)westminster.ac.uk +44 7789 008037

Emma Activist and feminist involve in many things and very funny. Mayo's. esd(at)riseup.net

Michelle Throne

Contacts in Cambridge

Rufus Pollock - Okfn

Critical Mass London: http://www.criticalmasslondon.org.uk/main.html

London: Pubs/Restaurants[edit]

Near Islington

  1. The Elk in the Woods
  2. Hundred Crows Rising (Went. Great place for smalls and beer. Will go again.) Closed. :(
  3. The Smithfield Tavern (Went. Very good. Similar to Norman's Coach and Horses but you dine in the pub.)
  4. Norman's Coach and Horses (Went. Really good. Dining room upstairs and the stairs are behind the bar counter downstairs.)
  5. Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (Went. Very good marmite chocolates)
  6. The Camden Head
  7. The Breakfast Club (Went. Lots of breakfast/brunch food plus hamburgers. Good halloumi.)
  8. The Duke of Cambridge (Went. Best cider. Sustainable food. Seasonal veg&fruit, whole-catch fish)
  9. The Narrow Boat (Went. Find bar by the canal.)
  10. The Wenlock Arms
  11. Public House (Sunday Lunch: pumpkin and mushroom Wellington)
  12. Ottolenghi
  13. Happiness Forgets
  14. Rotunda (M-W 5-7PM 2 for 1 cocktail happy hour)
  15. Campania Gastronomica (Francesca's rec)
  16. Tai Buffet (Went. Chinese buffet. Lots of fake meat stuff.)
  17. Euphorium Bakery (Went. Only buy Basil pesto and blue cheese bread. Very good but not always available.)

Near Bloomsberg

  1. Lamb. (Went. Great vegetarian pie but it's not available very often.)
  2. Drummond Street (veg/Indian food)
  3. Raavi Kebab on Drummond Street (Went. Great.)
  4. Diwana on Drummond Street (Went. Also good.)
  5. Chutneys on Drummond Street (Went. Also good.)
  6. Homeslice Pizza (Went. Very good.)
  7. Loving Hut (Went. Ocean burger is very good. Will go again.) Closed.
  8. Da Mario
  9. Qing Buffet (Went. Very satisfying. M-F noon-5PM 5.60/weekend and dinner 6.50)
  10. Koya (Went. Ok)
  11. Paul (Went. Desserts may be better. Sandwiches are ok but not great.Somehow the DC one was much better.)
  12. Ha ha veggie bar
  13. Porter House Brew (Went. Beer from around the world. Ok.)
  14. Vegetarian cafe
  15. Mother Mash (Went. Good vegetarian pie section. Many different types of mash and gravy. Takeaway pie and mash for 6.50.)
  16. Bincho (Went. Pretty good but pricey.)
  17. Tao (Went. Chinese vegetarian place. Similar to Qing and Tai.)
  18. Neal's Yard (Went. Cheese shop with cheese nerds. Great stilton collection.)


  1. Raroush Express (good Lebanese food)
  2. Colbeh (Persian restaurant)

In/Near Europe[edit]


New places to go to

  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • France outside of Paris
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Finland
  • Greece


Amsterdam: albi@eyfa.org Old friend and hacker.

Paris: Primavera de Filippi (pdefilippi(at)gmail.com) and Melanie Dulong de Rosnay (melanieddr(at)gmail.com) (old Berkman fellow) Jérémie ZIMMERMANN, jz(at)laquadrature.net (He was at home once)


Andrea Calderaro

(To fly to Florence, better fly to Pisa or Bologna)

Cologne Great Carnaval!!!! and impressive Cathedral!!

Johanna Niesyton niesyto(at)fk615.uni-siegen.de Mayo's friend. Phd on Wikipedia and multilinguism. Super sweet person.


Cecilia Toudorrache (Mayo's friend) from Argentina but half living in Italy half in Berlin, doctor in modern women's role in building Argentinian national identity cecitoss(at)gmail.com

(To fly to Berlin look to Berlin airlines)

Spain: Houses & Contacts

Marco phone: 0034-682706239 marco.berlinguer(at)gmail.com

Geno Morell (mama Mayo): 0034-636347512 genomorellgregori(at)yahoo.es

Mayo spanish phone: 0034-64887 7748

  • Barcelona: Mayo&Marco house: Calle del Carme 39, Barcelona 08001
  • Valencia: Mama Geno house: Calle Luis Santangel 13 puerta 7, Valencia

Fallas holidays at around March 16th http://www.fallas.com/

  • Oliva: Guella Rosita house: Pasaje Ciscar 1 Oliva (Valencia) o Virgen del Mar 47 Oliva Playa (Valencia)

Oliva Moros y Cristianos Pirates Hollidays third week of July

  • Madrid: House of cousin Juan: Calle Estudios, Madrid
  • Granada: It is one if not the most beutiful city in Spain. Ryanair flies to Granada from several places.

Travelling: Flies & more[edit]

Cheap flight companies:

  • Ryanair.com (To fly to Barcelona you can also go to Girona)
  • Easyjet.com
  • Vueling (for Spain)
  • Jet2.com

By bus: Eurobus

To find cheap flies to USA: Expedia.com, Atrapalo.com, edreams.com, Orbitz