Lowell trip 2013-08-03

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To celebrate Mako's successful completion of his PhD, he's celebrating with a day of feminism, labor, and industrial history and some minor league baseball and beer!

In particular, we'll be visiting the Lowell National Historic Park's Boott Cotton Mill Museum (with a working set of jacquard looms), the Mill Girl Museum, and the Lowell Spinners (the Boston Red Sox Short-Season A Affiliate).


  • 9:00: Breakfast at Johnny D's
  • 9:45: Bike trip to Lowell leaves from Acetarium
  • 12:00: Train to Lowell from North Station
  • 12:45: Train/Bike folks meet at the Lowell commuter rail station
  • DAY: Visit the National Historic Park and Mill Girls museum
  • 17:05: Lowell Spinners Baseball Game
  • 21:00: Train Leaves for Boston
  • 22:00: Afterparty at Acetarium

Getting To Lowell[edit]

By Train[edit]

MBTA commuter rail leaves Boston North Station at 12:00 for Lowell. Arrives at 12:43.

By Bike[edit]

The planned route from Davis Square to Lowell is 28 miles.

We'll leave at 9:45 from Davis Square. We'll take two major bike trails. We'll take the Minuteman Bikeway from Davis Square to Bedford. From there, we will take a small road to the base of the Bruce Freeman Bike Trail which goes all the way Lowell. The trip will be long but there should only be about 5 miles or so that are on roads with cars.

The bike ride should be about 2.5 hours moving and we'll take a "no drop" pace -- so as fast as the slowest person is comfortable with. We'll plan to take half an hour of breaks along the way.

I will bring a giant bike lock so folks do not need to bring a lock.

Folks do need to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

Getting Back From Lowell[edit]

Most people will take the commuter rail back. The commuter rail takes bikes. Trains leave at 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm and take about 45 minutes into North Station. If you are returning to Somerville, it will be much faster to get off at West Medford and then bike to Somerville from there. West Medford is quite close to Davis.

Mako is interested in riding back. Be warned though: Although it will be mostly bike trails going back but it will be dark so bring very good lights and bright reflective clothing if plan to bike home.

People Coming[edit]

Person Transport Spinners Game Claimed Mako's Tickets (6 total!)
paul (taren's friend) TRAIN ? NO
carolina TRAIN? YES YES

Baseball Game[edit]

The Lowell Spinners will be playing the Batavia Muckdogs. They play in a short-season A league (i.e., a rookie league). The game is at:

Edward A. LeLacheur Park
450 Aiken Street
Lowell, MA 01854 (map)

Mako bought 6 tickets. The price is $6.50 each but they are all in the same general area. We are in section 105. The game is nearly sold out but other tickets are probably available.

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