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Notes from travels


  • early to mid December from SEA to Tuscon on Alaskan: A bit bumpy. Full flights.


  • 1/13 from SEA to LHR: Nice direct flight on BA. Bumpy near west coast in Canada when going over mountains (the first 2 hours or so). Rest fairly smooth until near UK. Almost all empty seats on 747.
  • 2/6 from LHR to HND: Nice direct flight on BA. Only slightly bumpy near UK and quite bumpy past China into Japan. Rest very smooth. Almost all empty seats.
  • 2/25 from HND to LHR: Nice direct flight on BA. Bumpy around Japan (first 1 hour or so) but smooth for the rest. Full flight.
  • 3/13 from LHR to SEA: Nice direct flight on BA. Bumpy only near west coast in Canada for 30 minutes or so. Rest smooth.
  • 3/17 from SEA to BOS: Nice direct flight on Alaskan. Can't remember where it was bumpy but I think it was fairly smooth. Completely full flight.
  • 3/24 from BOS to SEA: Early direct flight on Alaskan. Took a taxi to the airport. It was a smooth flight. Completely full.
  • 5/15 from SEA to LHR: Overbooked on Delta. Took the voucher for 600. Rescheduled for 5/19.
  • 5/19 from SEA to LHR: Rescheduled from 5/15 on Delta. Occasional bumpy areas throughout the trip. Delta takes almost an hour longer than BA's 747. Some reading lights turned on and off randomly. Pretty empty flight.
  • 6/2 from LHR to BOS: Full flight on Virgin Atlantic. Nice bar for the first-class. Sat by a bathroom whose door didn't close smoothly. Had to keep pushing the door to close it. Bumpy at first but ok.
  • 6/12 from BOS to SEA: Mostly full early flight on Alaskan. Pretty bumpy for the first 2-3 hours. Slow and low approach into SeaTac. Jetblue that left the same time but went into Canada, which evidently was a smoother route.
  • Ann Arbor Trip in July: forgot to record. Direct flights from/to Detroit. Took brompton. Parking lot floor by elevators at SeaTac has a nice space for wrapping brompton.
  • 9/23 from SEA to ORD to LHR: Bumpy at first. Saw a lightening show mid-way. Smooth landing/takeoff at ORD. The connection was tight, so the seat was moved up to the front. Bumpy over Atlantic. Bumpy near/over Ireland. Sat second to left. Pretty full flight.
  • 10/9 from LHR to JFK: Choppy at first, near Greenland, pretty all after entering Canada. Pretty full flight. Sat in second to left (5 seats) but it was fine.
  • 10/14 from JFK to SEA: Choppy throughout the flight though I was asleep in the middle for a few hours. Fast flight: 5:19. Pretty full flight but the middle seat was empty. 5USD for Air train.
  • 11/10 from SEA to LHR: Choppy for the first hour or so. Pretty empty flight. Got an exit seat by a window (though a bit far) on B777.
  • 11/26 from LON to SEA: Completely smooth flight apart from normal takeoff and landing. Got a middle seat in the exit row. Pretty full flight. The guy next to me said that his flight from SEA to LON a week before made an emergency landing in Dublin because one of the engines stopped working.


  • January from SEA to JFK and from BOS to JFK: Can't remember but I think those flights were ok. Alaska miles for BOS-JFK was not eligible for AA because of R status through orbitz.
  • 03/15 from YVR to LHR: Bumpy near YVR but mostly smooth. Good Asian vegetarian food. Full flight.
  • 03/25 from LHR to SEA: Smooth. Full flight. Worked at the BA lounge. Pretty nice.
  • 04/16 from SEA to Santa Barbara via Portland: Beautiful rides. Almost no turbulence. Small plane from SEA to Portland.
  • 04/19 from Santa Barbara to SEA: Beautiful ride. Little turbulence.
  • 05/20 from SEA to LHR: No turbulence. Small but nice BA lounge at SEA. Not completely full but lots of people. I got bumped off the front row but it was ok.
  • June LHR to SEA: can't remember
  • Oct from YVR to NRT/NRT to YVR: can't remember. probably usual. Long line at check-in for Can Air and security. Should have booked oneworld.


  • 01/20 from SEA to LHR: not too crowded. Pretty bumpy from Seattle to past Calgary and near Greenland and over Scotland.