Molly's birthday picnic (2012)

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Picnics are meals that generally include people sitting on the ground outside eating delicious food that is not usually warm.

Sunday, May 27th, 2012, we're having a picnic in front of Walker Memorial and Killian Court (MIT). Festivities start around 3pm.

Stuff Delegation


Note -- Molly is vegan, so I suspect vegan food is appreciated -Madeleine

  • Tamales (Mika + Molly)
  • Guacamole (Shauna)
  • Salsa + Chips (Irene)
  • Celebratory themed sweets (Molly)
  • Bread, jams, and almond butter (Madeleine)
  • Fresh fruits and veggies (Nicole & David)


  • Pimms
  • Horchata
    • Rum for horchata
  • Lemonade (Nicole and David)
    • Alcohol for lemonade? (Nicole and David (vodka))

Other awesome stuff

  • scrabble (Obtain from SJ,MStone, Noah's House. Contact SJ/MS)
  • blankets?
  • plastic cups (Nicole & David)
  • Super giant amazing huge tarp (blankets on top would be nice though) (Madeleine)
  • 24 paper plates & small set of plastic utensils (8 ea) (Madeleine)