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Molly de Blanc has been a research assistant, aspiring writer, and amateur ethnographer. She met Mako and Mika in Michigan in 2008. At the time she was a student in her motherland of Pennsylvania, learning about History and Philosophy of Science, Japanese, Mongolia, Anthropology, and Writing at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Nerd Legends and Keyboard Cowboys: Ethnographic Approaches to Non-Fiction[edit]

The last weekend of May, 2010, Molly moved into the Acetarium to begin working on what was presented as "Nerd Legends and Keyboard Cowboys: Ethnographic Approaches in Non-Fiction." The project presented an ethnography of individuals in the free software movement and the place the movement, and software, has in their lives.

Slides, notes, writing, and hours of conversation are available upon request.

Current Status[edit]

Molly works at edX. She used to live at November, then the Acetarium, and now the Agency.

She likes strawberries and rarely sleep enough.

She has a blog. It has no theme.

Sometimes I Plan Things[edit]

Cape Trip May 2016 cc3c