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November is a two floor, six bedroom cooperative living space in Somerville, MA. November has seven residents, a dog, and a vast library of board games and books. With nightly house dinners, frequent parties and events, and a guest bed, November is an inviting locale for friends and visitors.


November is at 91 Belmont St. It is just over the local maximum of Spring Hill. There is a garden.

Belmont St runs between Somerville Ave and Highland Ave. It is one way from Summer St to Somerville, and another from Summer to Highland. The house is kind of green, and the second floor porch has pink furniture on it.

Getting There[edit]

Somerville Ave is north of the train tracks that border Somerville. They can be crossed at Webster or Prospect in Union Square, Dane St and Park St near the Academy of Arts and Sciences, near Sacramento (underground), and at the end of Beacon. Once you hit Porter Square, it's no longer a problem. There are many ways to get up Spring Hill.

Bikes and Feet[edit]

From Boston and MIT-Cambridge
I like to bike up Columbia, which becomes Webster on the other side of Cambridge Ave. Follow Webster to the top of the hill (at the light). Turn right onto Prospect and the glide down the hill. Or race. This will land you in Union. You turn left onto Somerville Ave and from the right lane you can follow it to Summer St, or turn left onto Bow and then right onto Somerville Ave. Down Somerville Ave, you can bike up Central St, which is kind of steep, but not very long. At the top, left onto Summer.
If you're biking up Beacon, you can turn away from Harvard on Washington and then turn left onto Dane. Alternatively, you can turn onto Park from Beacon. Either way, you'll hit Somerville Ave. Turn left and then head up Central.
Alternatively, you can go down the alley between the Foodmaster and Petsi Pies on Beacon. There's a little tunnel under the tracks which will put you on Somerville Ave. You'd want to head up Lowell, and then make the right onto Summer.
From Davis Square
You can go down Elm and stay towards the left when the parking lot splits the road--so you want to be on the side by Rosebud. Then, get on Summer by the bank. This is a hill. If you don't want to take the hill, turn left at the light here (if you cross the intersection, you're on Summer) and then right at the next one onto Highland. If you're on a bike, you can turn right and go up Belmont the wrong way.
From Harvard-Cambridge and the end of Beacon
At the top of Beacon, turn right down Somerville Ave. You'll then hang a left at Craigie St, which is right near a gas station. At the top of Craigie, turn right. You'll be on Summer then. You can turn left on Belmont.

Buses and the T[edit]

November is just under a mile from the Davis Square T stop. It is a bit closer to the Porter Square one.

Union Square is also just under a mile away. You can walk straight up Summer from Union. Lots of buses go to Union.

Buses are the best way to minimize walking to November. The 85 bus drops people off at Cental and Avon. It also only runs on weekdays. The 88 and the 90 can drop you off on Highland Ave at Lowell St. The 88 goes to Lechmere and Clarendon Hill. The 90 goes between Davis Square and Sullivan Station. The 83 will drop you at the bottom of Belmont on Somerville Ave.

Parking, Cars and Bikes[edit]

There's a gravel drive way. You can park in it if there's space. However, you need to leave your key in the foyer so the neighbors can move your car if necessary. We have two parking permits for visitors.

There is a parking lot on the top of Belmont that is free on weekends.

If you go down the drive way, there's the backyard. Bikes can be left there if you feel adventuresome, or put into the basement. We can open the basement door for you, if you'd like. We should probably put something in the back yard to lock bikes to.

Please don't lock to the front porch--at request of the neighbors and landlord. You can, if you really want, lock to the railings of the front steps.



  • Bryce Taylor
  • Cora Vestel
  • Katie Gradowski
  • Jeff B.
  • Jimmie P. Rodgers
  • Shauna GM
  • Will Macfarlane
  • Shiloh (who is a dog)

Alumni / Fallen Novemberists / Decemberists[edit]

  • Dave Arney
  • Molly Sauter
  • Pete Wagar
  • Parker Phinney
  • Edie Wu
  • Christalee
  • Bergey
  • paulproteus/Asheesh
  • tchell
  • Elizabeth
  • Noah Swartz
  • mollydb