Noah Swartz

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Noah Swartz' residency completed the circle, making the Acetarium the first locale outside of their home of Illinois to be the residence of all three Swartz brothers. That said Noah is a recent graduate of Case Western Reserve University where he studied Mathematics, played Magic, and even wrote occasionally.


Swartz, Case Western's resident hippie

While at Case, Noah was an active member of the Beta Nu chapter of Theta Chi fraternity, which was well known for its nerdy tendencies and predilection towards throwing LAN parties. In addition he was a member of WRUW-FM, where he had the honor of hosting various radio programs over the course of his three year tenure. Unsurprisingly he is also an avid music listener who consistently goes to far too great lengths to see live music, and has already attended hundreds of concerts and tens of music festivals during his undergrad years.

Besides these well founded hobbies and interests Noah has a number of budding interests, some of which more accurately resemble failed talents. Chief among these are his ability to cook and play the bass guitar, for both of which his enthusiasm towards them far outweighs his skill. In addition he is quite interested in the finer things in life that can be consumed, leading to attempts to be a connoisseur of food, espresso, and beer (more commonly known as foodie, addict, and drunkard respectively).


Swartz, in a wizards duel

Noah is a professional mage, who recently placed 4th at Pro Tour: San Juan. He is currently a level 4 Pro, which means he will be traveling throughout the year to see the insides of convention centers and hotel ballrooms in the worlds most illustrious locales, spending countless weekends counting and randomizing pieces of cardstock while counting up to 20 repeatedly.


Swartz, buried in his work

Noah has written for a number of publications over the past year. His Magic writings can be found at, where as his writing for the Case Western Observer can be found elsewhere. Also, if you are planning to travel to Amsterdam, there is some wisdom that Noah would be happy to impart to you.