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Full Blue Moon Feast[edit]

September 1st, Sunset.

August 31st is the Full Blue Moon. Once a year there are four full moons in a season rather than the standard three, the Blue Moon. To celebrate this rare event, there will be a feast (a day late) at November starting when the sun goes down.

There will be an afterparty in honor of Mitchell, Decemberist, who is leaving beautiful Camberville for Philadelphia.

Crash space available upon request. (And by crash space, I mean five bedrooms. Everyone else will be out of town.)

If you want to bring something, we'd appreciate:

  • Yourself
  • Your friends
  • Your lovers
  • instruments
  • music
  • dancing shoes
  • decorations
  • plants or flowers (cut or non)
  • wine/drinks/beer/alcohol
  • desserts

We'll also welcome anything else you'd like to share.