Peer Production Course

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Theories & Approaches[edit]

  • Conceptual understanding of information access, infrastructure, and freedom issues (Lessig, Benkler, Coleman)
  • Transaction cost theory of CBPP, social production (coase's penguin, sharing nicely)
  • Networks (Barabasi, Salganik, Watts, Burt)
  • Theories of the commons & common-pool resources
  • Networked Public Sphere (Benkler, Zuckerman, Sunstein, Hindman, P. Howard)
  • Orgs/Movements (Coase, Benkler, Bennett & Segerberg, Kreiss, Karpf, Shirky)
  • Democracy, Governance, Leadership (Kreiss, Karpf, Howard, O'Mahony, Hindman, Shirky)
  • Motivations & social psychology (selective incentives, exchange theory)
  • Design of socio-technical systems (HCI, CSCW, Kraut, Riedl, etc./)
  • User and open innovation (von Hippel)

Phenomena Units[edit]

Culture/Knowledge production & Information sharing[edit]

  • Wikipedia (and other Wikis?)
  • Software production Free/Open Source Software
  • Remixing (Scratch)
  • OpenHardware - Arduino, LilyPad, Drones
  • Fandom & fan fiction
  • Online forums (Gaia Online)
  • Gaming (WoW, Haibo, Second Life, Sims)
  • (MOOCs / P2P & Open Education)
  • Citizen Science

Transgressive communities & information sharing[edit]

  • Hackers and Hacker Communities
  • Game-modding
  • Piracy and P2P/Filesharing Networks and Communities

Social Production (Rivalrous resource sharing)[edit]

  • Distributed computing
  • Couchsurfing & carpooling

Commercial knowledge production communities[edit]

  • Firm/product centered innovation communities
  • Innovation Contests (TopCoder, Innocentive, Threadless etc)
  • Broadcast Search

Crowdsourcing & CrowdFunding[edit]

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk, CrowdFlower, oDesk?
  • Kiva & Prosper & DonorsChoose
  • IndieGoGo & Kickstarter

Political movement/membership organizations[edit]

  • OFA (Obama for America)
  • Daily Kos
  • MoveOn
  • OccupyTweets!
  • Fight for the Future