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Particular Papers

Sorted basically by the order in which I've added them to this list.

Thrift, Nigel. 2006. “Re-inventing invention: new tendencies in capitalist commodification..” Economy & Society 35:279-306.  

Benkler, Yochai. 1998. “Overcoming Agoraphobia: Building the Commons of the Digitally Networked Environment.” Harvar Jouranl of Law and Technology 11:287.  

King, Brayden G., and Sarah A. Soule. 2007. “Social Movements as Extra-institutional Entrepreneurs: The Effect of Protests on Stock Price Returns..” Administrative Science Quarterly 52:413-442.  

King, Marissa D, and Heather A Haveman. 2008. “Antislavery in America: The Press, the Pulpit, and the Rise of Antislavery Societies.” Administrative Science Quarterly 52:492-528.  

Stinchcombe, A. L. 1975. “A structural analysis of sociology.” American Sociologist 19:57-64.  

Jonsson, Jan O., David B. Grusky, Matthew Di Carlo, Reinhard Pollak, and Mary C. Brinton. 2009. “Microclass Mobility: Social Reproduction in Four Countries.” American Journal of Sociology 114:977-1036.  

Pirolli, Peter, Evelin Wollny, and Bongwon Suh. 2009. “So you know you're getting the best possible information: a tool that increases Wikipedia credibility.” Pp. 1505-1508 in Proceedings of the 27th international conference on Human factors in computing systems. Boston, MA, USA: ACM <a href=""></a> (Accessed April 18, 2009).

Cohen, Wesley Marc, Stephen A Merrill, and National Research Council (U.S.) Committee on Intellectual Property Rights in the Knowledge-Based Economy. 2003. Patents in the knowledge-based economy. Washington D.C.: National Academies Press.  

Chapter on Leadership in Debian from Cyberchiefs [1]

Shi, Xiaolin, Lada A. Adamic, Belle L. Tseng, and Gavin S. Clarkson. 2009. “The Impact of Boundary Spanning Scholarly Publications and Patents.” PLoS ONE 4:e6547.

The Determinants of Music Piracy in a Sample of College Students (SSRN)

Collective Forgetting And The Symbolic Power Of Oneness: The Strange Apotheosis Of Rosa Parks by Barry Schwartz

Sexual Harassment Under Social Identity Threat: The Computer Harassment Paradigm

Blood Donations and Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment by Lorenz Goette and Alois Stutzer

Commitment and Community: Communes and Utopias in Sociological Perspective by Rosabeth Moss Canter (Book) which is about why some commune's fail.

Organization without Authority: Dilemmas of Social Control in Free Schools by Ann Swindler (Book)

Inferring Causal Complexity by Michael Baumgartner which is sort of building off Ragin's QCA

The social psychology of protest by Klandermans (1997)

Bending the Wind by Minkoff 1993. (AJS)

The Game of Work: How to Enjoy Work As Much As Play


  • Insurgent Identities by Roger V. (van Blerkom) Gould
  • The Social Psychological Effects of Feedback on the Production of Internet Information Pools
  • Propogation of innovation in network groups [2]