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  • Per hansome_pirate:

1. Grain bill: base malt is American 2-row, 5-15% crystal (I'd recommend C40 or C60), optionally some rye (up to 5% if it's just adding some character; anywhere from that up to 75% if you want to make a rye beer), optionally up to 20% mild malt

2. If you're doing this all-grain, FWH with 2oz Willamette and remove 1oz from your bittering hops

3. Bittering: dried Willamette hops to target IBU total, 60'

4. Later additions: 1oz fresh Willamette, 20'

5. 3oz fresh Cascade, 5'

6. Ferment with WLP001 or similar for a week, rack and add another 1oz fresh cascade, ferment until done

7. Later I can mess with calculators to turn those into a concrete recipe with actual numbers, but that'll be less useful to somebody who likes brewing because they're variable for a reason

8. Namely, they are all a matter of personal preference except that the amount of dried hops is partly that and partly depends on the alpha content of the hops