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Route Planning[edit]

  • Permit obtained to start at Glacier Point 8/24/15 and exit Yosemite via Isberg Pass
  • Tentative route including Iva Bell hot springs - 233 miles
  • Alternate route given smoke/fires on southern half
    • Hike to MTR, pick up resupply, loop around exploring parts of trail we didn't see on the way in route 263 miles
      • MTR is at 110 miles, this leaves us with less food for remaining 153 miles, unless we hustle (doable since this won't be as strenuous as part 2 would've been) and/or stop at Red's again (and VVR if we want). Or we can skip the out and back to Wanda Lake (shave 40 miles off) (but Evolution Valley is so pretty!)
      • This way we'd get to see the pretty part of Yosemite!




The Plan: Do 1 resupply at MTR (halfway point) 11-12 days in, leave 9-10 days for completion.

  • Muir Trail Ranch (instructions)
    • Pay $70 online, print label
    • Ship by 8/14/2015 (3 weeks before pickup date on 9/4) with priority mail

Additional Resupply options:

  • Red's Meadow
    • Send in authorization/payment form (pdf) and a check for $40.00 at least 2 weeks before sending package.
    • Separately mail 5-gal bucket (or whatever) to the address on the form.
  • VVR

What to Send[edit]

  • pre-addressed post cards for checking in
  • maps for remainder of trail
  • tyvek self-addressed & stamped envelope to send North section maps back
  • South section maps
  • fooooood
  • sunblock
  • soap
  • whiskey
  • ziplocs
  • heavy-duty tinfoil (for a windscreen)
  • spare smartwater bottle?

Krystle Sent...[edit]

  • all this food
  • directly from Amazon
    • astronaut ice cream (20 sent, only 10 go in resupply, could squeeze all in if there's room, or bring for first half, or ship back to Krystle, or accept as future backpacking trip goodie gift or novelty thing to offer people when they come over)
    • sour patch watermelons (hiking crack)
    • 10 packs Justin's nut butter
  • extra smart water bottle just in case (20 oz)
    • filled with some yummy liquid
  • Harrison maps for remainder of trail
  • more
    • foil
    • hand sanitizer
    • sunscreen
    • bodyglide
    • baby wipes
    • soap
    • paper towels
    • contacts
    • saline solution
    • ziplock bags of various sizes
    • medicine (ibuprofen, etc.)


  • fuel
    • 3 4 oz canisters