Sarah Adelaida McIntire

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In the summer of 2009 Sarah Adelaida McIntire was a Residency Program Fellow (RPF). During her time as a RPF Adelaida served as the Free Software Foundation's first campaign intern. She spent a great deal of time editing the LibrePlanet wiki and fighting the evil forces of proprietary software one anti-DRM blog post at a time.

Adelaida loved her residency program so much she came very close to serving a second term- living in the library- during the summer of 2010. Instead, she ended up as the 2010 summer Activism/Meme team intern at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco.

Adelaida spent her undergrad at Hampshire College studying feminist theory and the Free Software Movement. After completing college Adelaida returned to the Acetarium for the summer of 2012. She moved to the Adjacetarium after three months and is working at Perkins School for the Blind.

You may contact her on IRC nick Adelaida, server OFTC or at sarah adelaida mcintire at gmail dot com.