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Mako is working on:

  • Embeddable elections for mtvU
  • Selectricity

Justin is currently working on:

  • Readying Selectricity for PRODUCTION USE
  • Embeddable elections displaying votes that are over.
  • Right now, the views are filled with complicated loops and array references. If possible, create back-end methods that order the arrays before hand, specifically by degree or victory in each case (not just that of the winner) and then present those to the views.
  • Support for custom styled widgets

There are several ways to make this possible. One way is allowing people creating elections to upload their own background images, with specified constraints for pixel size. Another is to give merely choices of color schemes pre made. - Creating your own Selectricity skins

The plan for implementing custom widgets is here: CustomWidgetsPlan

  • Improved visualization over time

This problem may be at the conceptual level as well. What is it that people need to know about elections occurring over time?

Embeddable Widget scaling

Alyssa is thinking about:

  • Animated graphs
  • Outputting data directly for use in Many Eyes and Swivel.

Other things that need to happen:

  • Improved testing functionality
  • Work on the SMS gateway