Bike tour/Sep 2015

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This page is for planning a bike-touring trip from Seattle to Portalnd via Yakima.


  • September 25-30 (tentative)


  • Seattle to Portland via Yakima.



Day 1: 9/25 Friday[edit]

Home to outside Easton Washington (~70 miles/4700ft or 91 miles/3500ft via burke) [Google Map Link]


  • Stop for water and beer in North Bend before heading onto the trail
Camping in Iron Horse State Park:
There are four campgrounds along the trail, each with three to four campsites, one picnic table, and a vault toilet. They are located at milepost 2109.5 at Roaring Creek, milepost 2113.2 at Cold Creek, milepost 2123.2 at Carter Creek, and milepost 2127.1 at Alice Creek. [Link]
Camping is primitive but it's free and first-come. Toilets and picnic tables are available at each campsite.
The last campsite is Roaring Creek at the end of Keechelus Lake.
Sunset in Snoqualmie Pass is 6:56PM; sunrise at 6:58AM next morning.

Other camping options from west to east:

Day 2: 9/26 Saturday[edit]

Route: Outside Easton to Yakima (~84 miles/mostly downhill) [Google Map Link]


  • Stop by bakery and/or cafe for snacks or lunch in Cle Elem or Ellensberg
  • Scenic bike trip down the Yakima River canyon
  • If we arrive before 7pm in Yakima on Saturday, visit Los Hernandez in Union Gap (3706 Main St). There is a bike trail almost all the way from the campground). 11AM to 6PM only.
Camping at Yakima Sportsman State Park in camp site #43. Showers are available at the campsite.
Sunset at 6:50PM; Sunrise at 6:56AM next morning.

Day 3: 9/27 Sunday[edit]

Yakima to Maryhill (~82 miles/3300ft) [Google Map Link]


  • Be sure to get water in Toppenfish as it will be another ~50 miles before the next water stop and it will likely be hot and dry.
  • Pick up food for the night in Goldendale
  • Stop by Stonehenge Memorial
Camping in Maryhill State Park (first come first served). Shower available.
Sunset at 6:50PM; sunrise at 6:58AM.
Other options
Peach Beach RV Park

Day 4: 9/28 Monday[edit]

Maryhill to Carson (~57 miles/2600t?) [Google Map w/ Shuttle Link] [Google Map Direct Link]
Stay (to be reserved)
Carson Hot Springs and SPA
Sunrise at 6:52PM; sunrise at 7:04AM.
Other options
Bonneville Resort

There are two routes, with and without bus.

The hood river shuttle is a dial-a-ride and runs four times a day across the bridge. No bicyclists and pedestrians are allowed on Hood River State Bridge and the nearest bridge is 20 miles away. The bus leaves Port of Hood River at 8:25, 12:00, 1:40, and 4:30 and costs $1 per person. Runs only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We must call (509) 493-4662 in advance to make sure that the bike space is available.

We want to arrive in Carson before 4:30pm to take advantage of the bath and wrap which is available only until 18:00. Google suggests ~5 hours (48.6 miles) from Maryhill State Park to Port of Hood River. It should 97 minutes (17.2 miles) to Carson from the other side. If we make the 1:40 bus, we should make it to Carson in time.

Day 5: 9/29 Tuesday[edit]

Carson to Portland (~60 miles/2300ft?) [Google Map Link]
Proposed plan
  • Let's do an early morning soak in the Wind River hot holes (natural hotspring just upstream). Before going, be sure to the flow rate and temperature of the Wind River before we try to swim across the river. Some more info here.
  • Breakfast/brunch in Stevenson (5-6 mi outside of Carson)
  • Stop by Multnomah Falls (apparently the most visited natural site in Oregon)
    • Be especially careful on your bikes here, it gets crowded and people drive terribly.
    • Trail description
  • Beer with Krystle before getting the train!
the Deschutes Brewery in Portland
Horse Brass Pub
Cascade Brewing Barrel House
Seattle! Amtrak (Portland to Seattle); Ticketed already and leaves PDX at 18:50.

Resources and Links[edit]


  • Day 1: Breakfast - Before leaving
  • Day 1: Lunch - Cold lunch (e.g., sandwiches, etc)
  • Day 1: Dinner - Hot dinner cooked at camp (with stove, etc). (STOVE)
  • Day 2: Breakfast - Hot breakfast cooked with camp stove, etc. (STOVE)
  • Day 2: Lunch - Lunch at diner or similar in Ellensberg?
  • Day 2: Dinner - Tamales from Los Hernandez or, if we're feeling lazy, cooking at Yakima campground (STOVE)
  • Day 3: Breakfast - Hot breakfeast cooked at Yakima campground (STOVE)
  • Day 3: Lunch - Cold lunch eaten on road (e.g., sandwiches, etc)
  • Day 3: Dinner - Hot dinner cooked at Maryhill campground (STOVE)
  • Day 4: Breakfeast - Hot breakfeast cooked at Maryhill campground (STOVE)
  • Day 4: Lunch - Hot/cold lunch in Port of Hood River while waiting for shuttle bus?
  • Day 4: Dinner - Restaurant at Carson brewpub (e.g., Barnstormer)
  • Day 5: Breakfeast - Breakfast at cafe in Stevenson, WA
  • Day 5: Lunch - cold lunch and/or snack at Multnomah Falls?
  • Day 5: Dinner - early dinner at Deschutes brew pub in Portland before train


  • we should have brought more hot sauce.
  • we need heat-resistant/non-scratch utensils.
  • heat packs were useful.
  • REI Huevos Rancheros looked/felt a little too digested. Pad Thai was great.
  • french bread breakfast is great.
  • bring salt/pepper and peanut butter/jam packets.
  • tea/hot chocolate was great.
  • avoid gravel road as much as possible.
  • lots of camping options in the canyon.