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This page is for planning trips.

May 9-10: The Hoh Rainforest[edit]

Hoh rainforest.jpg

We will camp somewhere in the Hoh rainforest on Saturday night. Some of us will be at CDSW beforehand, so these people will drive to the rainforest after 4PM.


  • Here are some of the pictures from Mika's phone.

Basic information[edit]

Location: The Hoh Rainforest

Plans: Spend the night at the rainforest and hike during the day on Sunday.

Weather: likely wetter and colder than Seattle. NOAA forecast is here.

Contact info:

  • Mika (206-890-5155)
  • Mako (206-409-7191)


It will take about 4.5 hours to drive there.

  • Who's driving?
  • Sage and kids will leave around midday to stake out a campsite. (We have room for one more in the car.)
  • lucy will pick up bryan at the airport around 1-2pm and head out to the campsite (we'll have room for two others)
  • Mika&Andres would like to join you.
  • Liz and Tommy will leave following CDSW workshop. We have room for two more (dog will be in tow)
  • Ariel&Mako would like to join you.


  • We'll try to meet at the Hoh campground. Whoever gets there first should pick the best site!
  • There are fire pits. Use dead and down wood. If somebody can bring firewood, that would be great.
  • Those of us who get there in late afternoon could do Spruce Nature Trail after getting settled in before it gets dark?

Things to bring[edit]


  • permit, passes, fees for park use and camping (lucy: we have one nat'l park pass)
  • tarp (if it's wet, we may want these for under the tent)
  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • warm clothes
  • rain jacket
  • hiking/rain boots
  • towels
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • extra batteries
  • phones
  • camera (optional)
  • trekking poles (optional)
  • mushroom basket (optional)
  • mushroom knife (optional)


  • firewood (Liz & Tommy)
  • toilet paper (Mika&Mako)
  • garbage bags (Mika&Mako)
  • Microbescope (Sage)
  • food
    • graham crackers and vegetarian-friendly marshmallows to share (Liz & Tommy)
    • Theo chocolate (Mika&Mako)
    • field roast sausages (Mika&Mako + Sage)
    • hotdog buns (Mika&Mako)
    • tomatoes (Mika&Mako)
    • mustard (Mika&Mako)
    • cheddar (Mika&Mako)
    • ?leftover from CDSW?
    • cream cheese for Seattle dogs (Sage)
    • Assorted snacks (Sage)
  • beer and other beverages
    • FBC beer (Mika&Mako)
    • Deschutes IPA (Sage)
  • water (if not available at the campground)
  • small camping stove (lucy + bryan)
  • cast iron pans/Dutch oven? (Mika&Mako, if useful)


  • Mako
  • Mika
  • Liz
  • Tommy
  • Sage
  • Brighton
  • Evie
  • Bryan
  • Lucy
  • Andrés
  • Ariel
  • Special guests?


We may or may not want to find:

They are definitely around.
  • Morels