Travel plans/Winter 2017 Belize

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This page is for planning our trip to Belize.

Basic Info[edit]

  • Feb 5-12 (7 nights).
  • confirmed: Lucy, Will, Mako, Mika, Bryan, Colin
  • wikivoyage info

Places to stay[edit]

  • Airbnb set to Feb 5-9, entire home, 4+. Has 4 bikes
  • Airbnb for Feb 9-11. 3 bedrooms, 5 beds, near restaurants etc.
  • hotel Feb 11-12. 2 2-bed rooms.

Things to bring[edit]

  • Diver ID
  • snorkel
  • mask
  • bathing suit
  • books
  • clothing and bags appropriate for the ATM tour
  • ?mosquito repellent?
  • ?travel insurance? we used Travelex for India. may want to visit the travel clinic if convenient.

Dive shop info[edit]

1 Belize Underwater SCUBA in Hopkins

  • we get either 10% or 30% off. Olivia is the person in charge of taking care of the guests of the Blue Parrot House.
  • Smaller shop
  • ?1 boat
  • Belize Barrier Reef ($135/2 tanks); GLOVER'S ATOLL($235/3 tanks); TURNEFFE ISLANDS ($235/3 tanks)
  • Equipment rental is $40

2 Hamanasi Resort in Hopkins

  • Great reviews
  • >1 boats
  • PADI Open Water Referral ($300/person); PADI Open Water Certifcation ($500/person)
  • Barrier Reef diving ($115/2 tanks/half-day); Turneffe Islands Atoll ($185/3 tanks/full-day); Glover’s Reef Atoll ($195/3 tanks/full-day); Night Dive on the Belize Barrier Reef ($99/1 tank/1 evening); The Ultimate Reef Adventure ($270/3 tanks/full-day)
  • Tanks, weights, belts, entry fees, juice and cookies are included in rates. Lunch is included on atoll trips.
  • Equipment rental is $25/day


  • we'll figure out at the end who owes who how much; mako has a program for this.
  • Things to enter (there may be more): exit fees at Belize/Guatemala border, tour guide fees ($40/person + tip), dinners in Hopkins, grocery in Hopkins/Belize City, diving on Wed, tips for diving on all days
  • Removed: Mika: CANCELED $237.50 : this was charged but I expect full refund., Pacz ATM tour (50% deposit: all of us)
Paid Cost (USD) Description Beneficiaries
Mika 253.34 Marie Sharp Cooking class (Mako paid deposit) All
Mika 24.37 Mexican fast food eatery on Church St in San Ignazio Lucy, Will, Colin, Mako, Mika
Mika 1230.62 Airbnb Hopkins: 1096.22+134.40 (tax)=$1230.62 All
Mika 325.96 Airbnb San Ignacio All
Mika 560 Hamanasi (Barrier Reef on Fri) Bryan, Lucy, Mako, Mika
Mika 20 Hamanasi tip1 Bryan, Lucy, Mako, Mika
Mika 40.75 Fi We Mart Grocery: (grocery minus 1 gallon hot sauce) All
Mika 30.26 Marie Sharp Factory Tour All
Mika 625.44 Belize Underwater (Great Barriers on Tue) total minus $110 cost for snorkling Mako, Mika, Bryan, Colin
Mika 40 Belize Underwater Oscar tips on Tue and Wed ($20 each) Mako, Mika, Bryan, Colin
Mika 110.00 Belize Underwater (Great Barriers on Tue) Will
Mika 55 Sungarden Airport restaurant Mako, Mika, Will, Colin
Will 41.15 Belize City Groceries All
Will 30.11 Hopkins Groceries All
Will 154.50 Lucky Lobster All
Will 122.44 Tikal Admission (900GTQ) All
Will 149.64 Driver partial payment 1100GTQ All
Will 120 Belize City Hotel ($240BZD) Will, Mako, Lucy, Colin
Lucy 669.61 Car rental All
Lucy 52.10 Fuel All
Lucy 100 Tikal driver partial payment All
Lucy 75 Rum tasting Lucy, Mako, Mika, Colin, Will
Lucy 20 Breaking fast: Belize City Lucy, Mako, Colin, Will
Mako 100 Exit fees at the Belize/Guatemala boarder ($100/$120) All
Bryan 20 Exit fees at the Belize/Guatemala boarder ($20/120) All
Mako 25.50 Drinks/snacks at Hanamasi post-dive All
Mako 21.43 Drinks/snacks at Sun garden on way out Mako, Lucy
Bryan 80 Dinner Hopkins Monday night All
Bryan 80 Dinner Hopkins Tuesday night All
Bryan 20 Hanamasi monster tip (partial) Bryan, Lucy, Mako, Mika
Colin 635.56 Second day diving Colin, Bryan, Mako, Mika
Colin 25 Hamanasi tip (partial) Bryan, Lucy, Mako, Mika
Colin 25 Gas in San Ignacio All
Colin 10 Food, final night Colin, Lucy, Mako, Will

Ideas for things to do[edit]

  • definite: Meet Ms. Marie Sharp and do the factory tour (M-F only). Some info here.
    • Possibly do this as a day trip to Dangriga to meet Ms. Marie Sharp.
  • maybe: Stay in Hopkins for 3-4 days to dive. An experienced diver friend told us that many areas are overfished, so dive only in marine reserve areas.
    • hamanasi is a few houses down from our airbnb and offers dive packages.
  • maybe: Stay in the forest area for a few days and see Actun Tunichil Muknal. Mika asked Pacz Tour how much it costs and if they are available on Feb 10.
  • maybe: Stay in Belmopan, the smallest capital city in the americas, as a gateway to ruins.
  • maybe: Stay in Belize City on the last day to see the city.