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This talk was has been giving a number of times at Eric von Hippel's classes and is usually 90 minutes in length.

The following links act a tour of a series of examples of user innovation to show the breadth of user innovation and community innovation and production.


CHDK is a free software/open source firmware add-on for digital cameras.


RockBox is alternate firmware for Digital Audio Players (DAP) including Apple iPods.


Is an online community that engages in collaborative translations of videos and film through collaborative amateur subtitling at less than order of magnitude the cost of professional subtitling.


Wikitravel is a non-Wikimedia collaborative projects that allows communities to create travel guides.

Other (more whimsical but no less useful) community travel sites include:

DDWRT and OpenWRT[edit]

OpenWRT is a community produced firmware for home routers including the Linksys WRT. [DD-WRT is a version of OpenWRT that is now distributed commercially on several routers.

Software hacks:

Hardware hacks:

There are now even several books on the topic of modifying a WRT54G machine including this one:


iRobot is a version of iRobot's popular Roomba vacuum cleaner that is designed for hobbiest. A large number of hobbiest had modified and improved their Roomba robotic vaccum cleaners. Create is essentially a Roomba minus the vacuum cleaner that is targeted at hobbiests.