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Notice icon.png This page was used in the planning and documentation of the wedding of Benjamin Mako Hill and Mika Matsuzaki. on May 29, 2006. Please take care when editing these pages -- they are kept here for historical purposes only.


Mika Matsuzaki and Benjamin Mako Hill's Wedding Reception

On August 26, 2006, Mika Matsuzaki and Benjamin Mako Hill will be holding a wedding reception in Mercer Island, Washington.

The couple was married on May 29, 2006 in a small cerenomy in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Wedding/Cambridge). This reception will be more traditional in nature and will be attended by family and extended family on both sides. The reception will involve a dinner and non-alchoholic drinks in the picnic shelter on the Park on the Lid in Mercer Island, Washington. Those that are interested will be able to visit the local bar at the Mercer Island Roanoke Inn which is a five minute walk from the picnic shelter after the reception for drinks.

  • When: August 26, 2006
  • Where: The reception will be held in the picnic shelter on the City of Mercer Island's Park on the Lid.
  • How: Please see RSVP instructions below.

Read the SeattleReceptionInvitation.


All guests are encouraged to attend the reception at the Picnic shelter.

   4:30PM - Recption at the Picnic Shelter
   9:00PM - Drinks at the Roanoke Inn
   9:00AM - Breakfast buffet at the Hill's home


Public Transportation

Coming from either Seattle or Bellevue, you can take the Sound Transit 550 Express. Exit the bus at the Mercer Island Park and Ride.

The picnic shelter is approximately a 7 minute walk from the park and ride. To walk, you can:

  • With the Park and Ride parking lot to your back I-90 in front of you, take a right on North Mercer Way.
  • Walk down North Mercer Way until you reach 76 Street. It will be the second intersection and immediately before a freeway onramp. Take a left onto 76 Street.
  • Continue on 76th street across I-90.
  • At the other side of I-90 on 76th, you will reach with SE 24th Street. Immediately before the intersection and on your right, you will see a foot path into a park. Walk up this footpath.
  • Continue this footpath uphill until you reach the picnic shelter.

Resources useful for taking public transportation include:

Driving Directions

From I-90 Westbound:

  • From I-90 westbound take Island Crest Way (Exit #7)
  • Continue straight through stop light on North Mercer Way.
  • Turn left onto 76th Ave SE.
  • Turn right onto SE 24th Street .
  • Turn right onto 72nd Ave SE Parking is available under the 72nd Ave SE overpass.

From I-90 Eastbound:

  • From I-90 eastbound take West Mercer Way (Exit #6).
  • Turn right onto West Mercer Way.
  • At the three-way stop, turn left onto SE 24th Street.
  • Continue up the hill and turn left onto 72nd Avenue SE.
  • A stip of parking is available on SE 22nd Street.
  • Parking is also available under the 72nd Avenue SE overpass.


Guests are encouraged to dress casually.

Please see WeddingWiki for information about gifts.