Xmas dinner 2012

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To coordinate dinner for Monday we created this page. Everybody can sign up for bringing some things and can list any special needs regarding the food.

List of people joining the dinner and their special needs[edit]

  • Alan
  • Ines: as I will be cooking - I won't go into detail ;)
  • Jan
  • Susanne
  • Oliver
  • Rob
  • Aimi
  • Bryan
  • Lucy
  • Seb

List of things that we need[edit]

best would be to put your name in there, and make the list more specific (red wine / white wine...olives / baby octopus)

  • wine (Rob+)
    • 3x red wine (variety)
    • 1x white wine
  • beer (Rob+)
    • 3x alcoholfrei (variety)
    • Nx beer (how many do you want?)
  • soft drinks (Rob+)
    • 1x 1.5L Coca Cola
    • 1x Club Mate
  • other drinks (Rob+)
    • 1x Pear Christ Juice
  • antipasti (seb --got some)
  • olives (Jan)
  • bread (Jan)
  • fish (Ines)
  • salad (Ines)
  • lamb (Alan)
  • vegetables(Ines)
  • pineapple (Susanne)
  • pomegranate (Susanne)
  • more fruit (Susanne)
  • pandoro (Rob+)
    • So far I've found 2x "Rondana" / will keep investigating and possibly attempting at home --Rmo (talk) 17:37, 22 December 2012 (EST) I don't know Rondana, usually you get Panettone, and Pandoro is a version of it without the fruit. We have bought it i the past in galleria, or karstadt.
  • apple pie (Oliver)

kitchen tools[edit]

  • pan (Oliver)
  • plates (Jan)
  • wine glasses (Jan)

provisional menu[edit]

  • antipasti and bread
  • soup
  • fish served on salad
  • rack of lamb in herb crust
  • fruit
  • desert