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This page is for planning the move!


  • Move Will's bed, his kitchen stuff, our liquor to Will's parents place (Odette may come?; we might need to deliver to her place)
  • Move topbar beehive, 2 tall chairs, Mako and Mika's dressers, Mako's snowboard stuff to AAAA's place (?movers?)
  • All set: Move bees to Morgan&Eina's place (Morgan will pick up)
  • Move the patio set and avocado tree to Sage's place (Sage will pick up)
  • All set: Move stuff to the storage unit (movers hired)
  • Move stuff to Palo Alto (tentative: schedule Fedex pickup)
  • Move plants and vacuum to Mako's lab (Mika/Mako will do)
  • Move standing desk, vitamix, rice cooker, wood, and wine fridge to Nadya's place (Nadya's brother will come by)
  • Donate remaining stuff (?schedule Salvation Army pickup?)
  • Cancel utilities.
  • Change address.
  • All set: Move piano to Esther's (piano movers scheduled)

August 22 (Wed)[edit]

  • Mako and Mika return in the morning.
  • Change the bottom hive to a newer box. No need as the bees filled the cracks with wax.
  • DONE: scheduled PSE gas service termination on 09/01.

August 23 (Thu)[edit]

* Morgan will pick up the bees in the evening.

August 24 (Fri)[edit]

August 25 (Sat)[edit]

August 26 (Sun)[edit]

L and B will rent a van to move some things to storage

August 27 (Mon)[edit]

Piano movers scheduled to come at 12:30p, might be up to an hour early

August 28 (Tue)[edit]

  • Could we rent a van and do all the non-storage dropoffs?
  • We will drop off Will's bed, kitchen stuff, and liquor at Jerry and Odette's place. <- If it's easier, we could do it on Sunday when B&L have a van?

August 29 (Wed)[edit]

  • Lucy leaves.

August 30 (Thu)[edit]

  • Movers will come in the morning to move everything to the storage unit in West Seattle.