Glacetarium/Packing list

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Packing list![edit]

Some suggested items to bring for the trip:


Things that would make sense for you to bring your own of:

  • swimsuits
  • layers
  • hats/gloves
  • soap/shampoo/lotion
  • razors
  • snow boots, hiking shoes
  • whiskey
  • computers/phones/chargers
  • electricity things? They use 220V/50Hz (European plug)
  • monies?
  • camera
  • books
  • multivitamins
  • passports


Stuff that we'd want as a group, but only one or two people need to bring:

  • projector (mako/mika)
  • games (molly will ask her roommates about borrowing taboo)
  • movies
  • power strips