Mika/Notes/Travel/2015 FridayHarbor

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  • Edit and resubmit P3.
  • Edit and resubmit P4.
  • Submit an abstract to WRIHC.
  • Finish and send the P5 draft to all co-authors.
  • Finish outline and analyses of P6.
  • Write up on literature reviews on:
body mass and bone area/mass
fat mass and bone
lean mass and bone
fat non-mechanical mechanisms
weight bearing and other physical activity and bone
nutrition and bone
obesity and bone
men vs women
premenopause vs postmenopause
children and adolescents
DXA vs PQCT - how to transition
other bone factors (i.e. strength) that were no studies in the thesis
hip vs LS vs other sites
bone family study

Secondary goals[edit]

  • Python Wikipedia API project to extract "In XXX country, YYYY".

Thesis framework[edit]

  • what can and should be answered if we build a bone cohort based on APCAPS?