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There are some notes adapted from Bike tour/Aug 2018/Packing list and Bike tour/Sep 2017

Packing List[edit]



  • [DONE] phone
  • [DONE] plastic bag for the phone
  • [DONE] Sony DPT-S1 (charged!)
  • [DONE] pink USB-C cord
  • [DONE] USB charging wall adapter
  • [DONE] USB charger for Fitbit
  • [DONE] book light
  • [DONE] extra/external battery for charging USB devices
  • [DONE] plastic band for the FitBit; shorter band


  • [DONE] wallet
  • [DONE] minimal bathroom + shower kit (soap, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste)
  • [DONE] night-guard!
  • [DONE] 1L water bottle
  • [DONE] normal water bottle
  • [DONE] camping headlight
  • waterproof phone carrier
  • [DONE] rear bike light
  • [DONE] pack towel


  • [DONE] long underwear (bottom)
  • long underwear (top)
  • [DONE] wool t-shirt (x1)
  • [DONE] pants zippable (x1)
  • [DONE] wool underwear (x1)
  • [DONE] wool socks (x5 ?)
  • [DONE] camp socks (biggies!) (x1)
  • [Last Minute Pack!] normal shoes (386g)) or flip flops (240g)
  • hiking shoes
  • [DONE] wool sweater/hoodie
  • Debian buff
  • [DONE] purple merino wool buff
  • [DONE] biking sunglasses + the extra lenses
  • [DONE] bandana
  • [Last Minute Pack!] rain coat
  • [DONE] bike shoes
  • [DONE] puffy down parka

Cycling clothes:

  • [DONE] cycling jersey (ibex)
  • [DONE] cycling shorts (bib shorts)
  • [DONE] cycling underwear shorts
  • [DONE] knee pad
  • arm warmers (can't find, didn't use on last few trips anyway)
  • [DONE] leg warmers
  • [DONE] gloves (1x full; 1x short cycling gloves)
  • cycling hat


  • [Last Minute Pack!] laptop
  • [Last Minute Pack!] laptop charger
  • [Last Minute Pack!] phone
  • [Last Minute Pack!] wallet
  • [maybe] night-guard!
  • [Last Minute Pack!] USB-C cord
  • [Last Minute Pack!] USB charging wall adapter
  • [Last Minute Pack!] Fitbit Charger
  • [DONE] heat packs
  • [Last Minute Pack!] contact lenses
  • contact lens solution
  • [DONE] contact lens case
  • [DONE] glasses
  • [DONE] deodorant
  • [DONE] soap
  • breathing apparatus for wild fires
  • [DONE] rear bike light
  • [DONE] spare rear bike light
  • Kindle
  • a book
  • [DONE] mosquito repellent
  • [DONE] benedryl cream
  • [DONE] plastic band for Fitbit


  • [DONE] pack towels x1
  • [DONE] short-sleeve wool cycling jersey x1
  • [DONE] cycling bibs x1
  • [DONE] cycling gloves
  • [DONE] tanktop x2
  • [DONE] raincoat
  • [DONE] long tights x1
  • [DONE] t-shirts x1
  • [DONE] pants with the bottom halves
  • [DONE] underwear
  • [DONE] wool and cotton socks x5
  • [DONE] wool sweater
  • [DONE] knee pads
  • [DONE] aqua shoes
  • arm warmers (*didn't use it this time)
  • [DONE] hat
  • [DONE] headlight
  • [DONE] down jacket
  • [DONE] bra
  • [DONE] one clean dress
  • [DONE] swimsuit



  • [DONE] USB-micro cord for DPTS-1 or other things
  • [DONE] USB-mini cord for headlights
  • [DONE] one small bike lock (it is tricky to lock both of our bikes but possible)
  • [DONE] bike lock cable
  • [DONE] plastic bags (x3)
  • [DONE] AAA batteries (x3) for Mika's headlight
  • [DONE] AA batteries (x1) for Mako's headlight
  • [DONE] first aid kit (bandaid, alcohol gel, antibiotic ointment, ibuprofen, benedryl, allergy cream)
  • [DONE] pen

Bike Stuff/Tools:

  • [DONE] presta to schrader adapter
  • [DONE] Shrader to presta adapter
  • [DONE] 1x extra tube (26x1.5)
  • [DONE] patch kit
  • [DONE] big black Leatherman
  • [DONE] master links of chain for the skinny 9speed chain
  • [DONE] light-USB adapter (x1)
  • [DONE] spoke replacer
  • [DONE] Alien II tool (both pieces)
  • [DONE] portable air pump
  • [DONE] tire levers
  • [DONE] electrical tape
  • [DONE] duct tape
  • [DONE] zip ties (x3-4)
  • extra packing straps (x2) [consensus seems to be that we don't know what these are!]
  • [DONE] extra tiedowns
  • [DONE] latex gloves
  • [DONE] coupler tool/pedal wrench
  • [DONE] bungies x3
  • [DONE] locktite (purple ideally, but blue is OK)
  • [DONE] small container of lubricant


  • [DONE] sleeping pad patch kit
  • [DONE] fuel(20oz container, 1/2 full): BUY MORE IN MEDFORD ON THE WAY TO OSE'S.
  • [DONE] nalgene canteen x1
  • [DONE] water filter
  • [DONE] tent + rain fly
  • [DONE] ground sloth (ground sloth lost a piece during our last trip...still ok but replace when convenient)
  • [DONE] cooking pot and mugs set
  • [DONE] small wooden rice scooper
  • [DONE] utensils
  • [DONE] stove
  • [DONE] toilet paper (x2)
  • [DONE] egg carrier
  • [DONE] bug spray
  • [DONE] sunscreen
  • [DONE] small cannister of Dr. Bronners for washing dishes
  • [DONE] lighter, normal matches; [DONE] weatherproof matches
  • [DONE] tiny sponge or similar to clean dishes
  • [DONE] awesome camp light
  • any other other goodies from 10 essentials bag
    • emergency blanket?
    • [DONE] definitely... rope
  • [DONE] extra camping bag for holding food up in the air if necessary
  • [DONE] odor proof bags (enough to hold all the food)
  • [DONE] sleeping bag x1
  • [DONE] sleeping pads' ground sheet
  • [DONE] sleeping pads (x2)



  • [DONE] salt and pepper
  • [DONE] hot sauce
  • [DONE] canola oil
  • [DONE] hot chocolate mix (10x)
  • [DONE] non-caffeinated tea bags
  • 6 eggs
  • jerky


  • 1 can peanuts
  • [DONE] lots of almonds
  • [DONE] ~15 candies
  • 6 mini granola bars
  • 1/2 bag raisins
  • [DONE] sesame sticks etc
  • [DONE] dried figs
  • [DONE] nuun