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Things to Buy contains things we need and do not have yet. Things We're Bringing is for things you want to bring. Feel free to move something from things to buy to things to bring and put your name next to it so we know someone has that. You can also add something not already on the list--this can be ingredients, toys, cooked dishes, or anything else you think up. Things to cook is a good place to write suggestions for dinner.

Add your name under People if you are planning on attending.

Dress to eat.


Location and Time[edit]

April 20 at the Abbey. 23 Ibbetson St,


Saturday: Cook all day!

  • 6pm: Open wine, set tables
  • 7pm: Start


Things to Buy[edit]

You can add things you think we ought to have.

  • Everybody please bring 5 cups of wine per person (a bit less than 1 bottle). Extra wine is always a bonus!
  • Grape juice for the non-wine drinkers
  • Matzot!
  • Seder plate:
    • Matzot
    • Yams
    • parsley
    • eggs
    • charoset
    • horseradish
    • oranges
  • something enticing
  • prize for the afikoman

Things We're Bringing[edit]

You can add things you are bringing, with your name, here.

  • Parsley + oranges
  • horseradish, electric hand mixer

Things to Cook[edit]

Please Note: Anything you bring should be Kosher for Passover. We eat neither chametz nor kitniyot. The meal will be vegetarian (eggs and dairy are welcome; vegan dishes are encouraged). We have lots of matzoh meal, if you want some.


from last year

  • Date & blood orange charoset (contains nuts)
  • Traditional apple & walnut charoset (contains nuts)
  • Yemenite Charoset (sans kitniyot and nuts)


stolen from past years: suggest your own!

  • shakshuka
  • matzoh ball soup
  • something sweet
  • potato kugel
  • 4 bottles of wine and 14 eggs?
  • Shredded carrot and spinach salad
  • potato + spinach
  • some veggie dish


Things to (Maybe) Read[edit]

Favorite Passages[edit]

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Margin Notes[edit]

This seder will be thorough, juicy, and concise, ending before 10pm :-)


(limited to ~25!)

  1. Sj (talk) 15:00, 15 April 2019 (EDT)

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