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For the IRC channel of the same name see Acetarium (IRC).
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The Acetarium is a cooperative run residency and working environment in Somerville Massachusetts managed jointly by Molly de Blanc, Ethan Sherbondy, and Valerie Young (previously managed jointly by Benjamin Mako Hill and Mika Matsuzaki). You can find out more about it by visiting the Acetarium 3.0 Website. In a less formal sense, the cooperative also includes Mirthaterra (AKA, the Adjacetarium) which includes four more permanent bedrooms in an adjacent apartment. The two apartment cook meals as a group and generally have an open door policy. The combined cooperative usually include around eight people — two of which are usually short or medium term guests.


Three of the best ways to stay involved with happenings are:

Residency program[edit]

The Acetarium has, for several years, run an residency program. Residencies are short term visitors, given primarily from those outside the Boston and the United States and are designed to support the work of free software or free culture activists working on clearly identified projects. Food, bikes, and Internet connectivity are provided. Residents typically work on a project and then present their work at a public lecture at the Acetarium at the end of their residency.

Residents are our guests and a residency is not a sublet. Of course, if you can help out with bills while you are there, that is always appreciated.

If you think you would be a good candidate for the residency program, do not hesitate to contact the team, or to contact either of the proprietors individually, for more information or to inquire as to if you would be a good fit.

Our current resident is:

  • None! Contact the management if interested.

Previous residents include:

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